self-taught artist, sandy karsten, began her art career in woodworking and wood crafts over 20 years ago.  through these early creations she developed and refined her love for texture and depth in art.  her recent passions center around watercolor and painted paper collages and in particular, animal portraits in these media. 

sandy's painted paper collages are lovingly created by hand-painting slivers of recycled paper and then carefully applying them to canvas or wood cradle boards.  the result is a rich mix of texture and color, depicting a variety of subjects - including animals, birds, fruit, and holiday scenes and characters.  her magical watercolors are no less amazing and capture the spirit of beloved pets, nostalgic homes or a precious child in luscious watercolor. 

sandy karsten was born and raised in St. Louis, MO where she continues to create pieces for all to enjoy.  her juried work is featured in shows and is on display across the Midwest and continues to shine happily on the walls of many homes in the US, England, Germany and Australia.