Sublimation is a new art for me and I am loving it!!  Sublimation uses a separate printer, which prints on a special paper in dyes instead of inks.  I then can adhere it to numerous items with a heat press.


I am making ornaments - 2.75" round aluminum 1 sided with a red ribbon. I can heat press a photo or my artwork - your choice. These sell for $5.00


I am also making dog bandanas - small and large. The small bandanas sell for $8 and the large sell for $13.   I can put photos or my artwork on these bandanas, and can even personlize them.


I am making socks - no show socks, ankle socks and crew socks. They sell for $7 a pair. I can again put my artwork or a photo, can print multiple on each sock, and can personalize.


I am also printing on rugs - 18x30" that sell for $40. All kinds of choices here. I have made a rug with my granddaughters name printed numerous times. She will take this to college next year for her dorm room.  I have made a rug with 7 different names printed numerous times for a grandma of her grandchildren.  I have also put my artwork on a rug with dog bones on the border. I can also put dog paws on it. 


The sky's the limit - bring it on. I will make anything you want with this.